Timeless Elegance

A Vintage Fairytale Unfolds at Pasadena's Maxwell House

Desiree & travis

The Maxwell House in Pasadena hosted a wedding that echoed with the romance of eras past. Amidst the venue's historic charm, the bride, a vision in elegance, paid homage to her family's legacy by donning a gown that held generations of love stories. Wearing her grandmother's dress, the bride transformed the day into a sentimental journey, weaving the threads of history into her own romantic narrative. Each stitch, each intricate detail, whispered tales of enduring love, creating a moment that transcended time itself.


Florals: Native Poppy

HMU: Britney Pauline

VENUE: The Maxwell House, Pasadena CA

DJ: Pink Mozart Entertainment

Video: Adrian Correa



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