DTLA Editorial

Urban Chic Unions: Intimate Downtown LA Loft Elopement

Phoenix & Keion

Phoenix & Keion celebrate their love story authentically in the heart of the city, bypassing tradition and embracing a unique path to forever. Skip the conventional settings and opt for the modern allure of a Downtown LA loft elopement. Here, amidst the bustling energy and contemporary aesthetics, exchange your vows in an intimate setting that reflects your personalities. Embrace the freedom to craft a ceremony that truly resonates with your journey together, unbound by convention and tailored entirely to your desires. Your union becomes a testament to breaking boundaries, a celebration of love that's as distinctive as the bond you share. Say goodbye to the expected and hello to an extraordinary moment that is solely yours.


Designers: Beyond Design Agency @bynddagency
Jasmine Serrano 

HMU: Natalie Rose Beauty @natalie.rosebeauty

Rentals: Adore Folklore

Dress: Taylar Made Pyper

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